Publication policy

Mission. Promoting the development of pedagogical and sports science by highlighting the latest theoretical and methodological provisions and practical results of research in the field of physical education, health, medical and biological, psychological, social, pedagogical aspects of physical education and sports training.

Problems "Scientific Journal of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. Series 15. Scientific and pedagogical problems of physical culture (physical culture and sports): a collection of scientific papers "- a peer-reviewed periodical that publishes the results of scientific research of young scientists, leading scientists, experienced teachers, practitioners in the field of physical culture and sports. Authors are invited to cooperate. In their scientific works they study topical issues of modern pedagogical and sports science, study ways to increase the effectiveness of physical education, basics of health, features of physical education of different groups, aspects of improving the training system in Olympic and professional sports. experimental interdisciplinary scientific investigations, etc. The journal is a periodical that supports the policy of open access to scientific publications.

Goal. The purpose of the scientific professional publication is to provide wide access to the results of scientific research in the field of pedagogy, physical education and sports.

The task of the publication.

  1. Providing favorable conditions for the publication of research results on the basis of scientific equality and tolerance.
  2. Disclosure of relevant, innovative, original, reliable, materials containing elements of scientific novelty and practical significance.
  3. Ensuring active and accessible use of modern scientific knowledge and achievements.


  • Realization of free access to research results
  • Observance of academic integrity, copyright and confidentiality of scientific information
  • Ensuring objectivity, impartiality and tolerance in assessing the quality of materials offered for printing
  • Promoting the widespread use of state-of-the-art scientific facts by maintaining the periodicity of publications