Varieties of fitness, as prevention and a method of dealing with students’ stress

  • O. Cherepovska
  • E. Serbo
Keywords: fitness, zumba, stress, students.


Life of modern students has many requirements and obligations. They have a study, work, additional coursers. This leads to stress. Students violate sleep and nutrition very often. They have low motor activity.

Modern students lack movements and positive emotions. Therefore, it is necessary to find methods for the prevention and control off stress. activity can help. Fitness is great as an exercise. Among the areas of fitness there are those that can withstand stress. For our work we have chosen Zumba fitness. Zumba is a fitness program on the basis of Latin and modern world rhythms. Very often this program is named the "hidden evening-party". She radically differs from other programs of the fitness. She is accessible, effective and extraordinarily emotional.  Them everybody can repeat. These employments do not need previous choreographic preparation. Very often on employments of Zumba - fitness people cry out loudly during implementation of motions. The first by such method practices respiratory system. Secondly muscles of abs are works. And, in the end, people are delivered constraint and negative.


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