Model characteristics of the basics of competitive activity and control of handball players

  • R. Stasyuk
  • T. Klimenchenko
  • T. Grib
Keywords: model, teaching methods, handball.


This article defines the content of model characteristics of handball players training in competitive activity, which is based on the construction of group and individual training activities. The latest method of “programming” enables the scientist in the system of physical education and sports to systematize the training of athletes, to optimize the training and competitive process. Modeling activities in sports is the main difference between this method. A separate athlete is taken as the basis, or the type of activity (competition, training) separates the excess and creates a model indicated by direction. It has been established that a correctly selected model at the initial stages allows one to determine the general training strategy, select methods and tools during the training period, evenly distribute and optimize the loads. The model of competitive activity in the sports world is considered as a combination of data and the relationships between them, which positively affect the requirements for general activity. In training, as during the training period, it becomes possible to create model characteristics of real conditions in the competitive period and of individual parts of the game (attack, defense).

One of the features of this approach is that in some cases, the performance of athletes is recorded by the maximum values of the indicators that are applied in the form of a model. The difference in the data obtained during the examination of athletes and indicators of model values are recorded in the protocol. The data obtained with this allow us to identify shortcomings and the potential for further solving problem shortcomings.


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