Features Of Learning Technical And Tactical Actions At Sectional Judo Sessions

  • N. Koryukaev
  • A. Sobolenko
  • Yu. Martynov
Keywords: judo, technical and tactical actions, special knowledge, competitive activity, section classes.


The article analyzes the peculiarities of teaching technical and tactical actions in section judo classes among student youth. It is determined that increasing demands and increasing the intensity of clashes for the reliability of both technical and tactical actions and special knowledge in the fight of judo is today a characteristic feature of competitive activity.

In the current context, the urgency of this problem is due to socio-cultural, scientific-pedagogical and organizational-managerial factors. The modern lifestyle encourages young people to physical excellence, the healthy lifestyle is important, the formation of a good athletic physique. Judo is a good motivational factor and a means of physical development.

It is proved that the achievements in competitive training are achieved by those athletes-judo players who are able to optimally combine a high level of physical fitness and specialized knowledge in the fight of judo. Special knowledge is one of the components in the training and competitive activities of student-athletes. They are the level of information by which a conscious attitude to the training process is promoted, which promotes the physical development and learning of the technical and tactical actions of judo. In addition, physical exercises have an important role in the training and competitive activities and in the improvement of technical and tactical actions, which have an important impact on the whole organism and make all organs and systems active, as well as mastering special knowledge.

Also, during technical training, it is necessary to develop deep and stable sports interests in competitive activities in judo students, and to develop socially significant needs.


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