The importance of physical culture in shaping a healthy lifestyle of students in higher education institutions

  • T. Denysovets
  • O. Kvak
Keywords: physical education, physical culture, sport, healthy lifestyle, students, physical activity, higher education institution.


The article deals with the problems of education of a healthy lifestyle in higher education. The analysis of forming the skills of students’ healthy lifestyle in higher education institutions is carried out. The process of physical education at the university is analyzed, which aims at forming the foundations of a healthy lifestyle of students, physical culture as an integral part of the general culture of the future specialist. It is substantiated that motor activity improves the life of the organism as a whole, stimulates the intellectual activity of the person, increases the productivity of mental labor, positively influences its mental and emotional activity. The basic components of a healthy lifestyle are characterized. Direct connection of motor activity with the state of human health has been established, which, in turn, is determined by the reserves of energy, plastic and regulatory support of body functions, is characterized by resistance to pathogenic factors and ability to counteract pathological processes and is the basis for social and biological functions. The students’ communication opportunities in the process of physical exercises, games and sports, the education of the need for systematic physical education, the pursuit of physical perfection, work and healthy lifestyle are analyzed. It is proved that only a physically and mentally healthy person can most effectively realize the potential inherent in it, without any restrictions to feel an active and full member of society.


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Denysovets T., & Kvak O. (2020). The importance of physical culture in shaping a healthy lifestyle of students in higher education institutions. Scientific Journal of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. Series 15. Scientific and Pedagogical Problems of Physical Culture (physical Culture and Sports), (2(122), 51-55.