Іnfluence of biological additives on the level of physical qualities of athletes (on the example of volleyball)

  • A. Gakman
  • I. Vaskan
  • P. Goryuk
  • A. Nigda
Keywords: biological additives, adaptation possibilities.


The use of biologically active substances as a sports nutrition and supplements to the diet of athletes, aiming for high results, contribute to improving the adaptive capacity of their body, the formation of energy resources and effective recovery after exercise. The purpose of the study is to determine the effectiveness of supplementation in anaerobic physical work, which is prevalent in female athletes volleyball players, to improve performance and recovery of the body. Achievement of this goal was ensured by the use of a set of the following methods: theoretical analysis and generalization of scientific and methodological literature; pedagogical: pedagogical testing and pedagogical experiment; biochemical analysis of saliva; methods of mathematical statistics. Results: The activity of saliva enzymes, in particular amylase activity, was shown, indicating the relationship between salivary amylase activity and tissue carbohydrate metabolism enzymes. High activity of this enzyme has been determined, which indicates an increase in the body's ability to use carbohydrates, which is a valuable energy substrate. High activity of this enzyme is observed in both experimental groups, but in the experimental group it is possible to speak about more intensive course of these reactions. As a result, when comparing the physical qualities of the volleyball players of the experimental and control groups, we observe more effective dynamics in improving the results of the athletes of the experimental group.


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